Smart Leak Detection Africa is now able to offer the following services at excellent rates that will make it possible to solve those water loss problems that have been escalating due to insufficient funds or the incorrect technology used.

•     State-of-the-art High Definition CCTV technology coupled with a high powered sonde for precise leakage and acoustic surveys (JD7 in-line leak detection)
•     All three techologies compiled into one small sensor head dramatically increasing our surveydistances per day.
•     Combining all technologies together under one roof and drastically reducing costs.
•     Comprehensive report on all problems areas, as well as photos, video recordings, Google Earth imagery and mapping with drawings for future use.
•     GIS and mapping as well as post processing on Google Earth.
•     Pipe locating.
•     The ability to launch the JD7 system through scour valves, small pressure fittings, air valves, gate valves and pillar style fire hydrants. While also being able to launch the system on pipe sizes from 75mm to 1.5m.
•     Various leaks and pipe defects located. Eg. Cracks/holes/breaks and pipe corrosion.
•     Water logging
•     Working under pressure without interrupting the water supply or shutting down water systems (site conditions apply)
•     Pipe lining non-destructive – Reline-repair – Renew – Pipe refurbishment.
•     Chlorine testing.