The JD7 In-line Leak Detection is the most advanced and accurate means of leak detection. It consists of an HD camera and Hydro Phone. It allows us to assess the inside of the line and the condition of the pipe, while still recording sound enabling us to hear the leak. This info is then post processed and we are then able to identify leaks and bursts in the supply line.

The advantages of in-line leak detection are:

•     We are able to detect leaks up to 1km from a single point.
•     This equipment can be launched from hydrants, air valves, scour valves, etc…
•     There is no water interruption on the supply line, which allows for normal operations.



Where there are no access points we are able to hot tap into the main supply line. A minimum flow of 0,01m’s per second is required to allow the water flow to carry the JD7 bullet (in-line leak detection equipment) down the line.

Depending on the site conditions we are also able to perform in-line leak detection on pipes ranging from 75mm’s to 1,5m’s in diameter.


In-line snap shots of pipe taken with JD7 Bullet while under pressure.


Sound wave recordings picking up various noises in the pipe such as leaks.